Newborn - Crawling


Babies in the womb can hear sound waves long before they are born – it is believed that babies are born musical. This can be nurtured from a very early age, and within a very short time, they will be turning towards and recognising sounds. We believe that The Music Tree will encourage and develop these skills through our music. Our baby activities include rhymes, songs, fingerplays, movement, baby instruments and more, all of which are useful tools to help your baby develop hand-eye coordination, visual tracking and general motor skills. Most importantly, we hope that this will also be an enjoyable, shared experience for you and your baby.





Walking - 2 Years


The natural ‘step up’ from MT Explorers to MT Toddlers is effortless. With a little encouragement from mothers/carers, toddlers confidently participate in our activities, finding their feet and rewarding you with their first ‘musical’ footsteps and first words. Once familiar with our class environment they will be clapping and marching, playing instruments, interacting with our MT pictures, puppets, toys and action songs. They will soon be able to recognise familiar nursery rhymes, and in no time, will be 'banging' along with the pulse of the music!





2 - 3 Years


Through the magic of songs, instruments, movement, colours, signs, shapes, toys and pictures, we can help to make music an unforgettable experience for you and your child. Musical elements explored, include pulse, rhythm, melody and dynamics, helping to create a carefully shaped program of MT activities, providing that important springboard for nursery and preschool.



Mixed Ages


Under 3 Years


If Your children are of different ages, or you just can’t make any of the age-related class times; come along to our mixed class for under three year olds. These sessions are structured so that your children will benefit from a wider range of MT activities - making this the perfect class for mixed ages, under three.





3 - 4 Years


By the age of three years plus, children are becoming quite confident; to encourage their independence, these classes are parent-free. General learning skills already developed will be enhanced through our popular program of fun, music and much more.





Reception Age


MUSIC! FUN! ACTION! The Music Tree Junior program integrates both Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2 activities, music ideologies and Music Tree originality, creating a broad, more in depth coverage of musical concepts, designed to strengthen and stimulate the young, creative and enquiring mind.

Activities at The Music Tree are carefully shaped so that children will not recognise them as a learning tool, helping them to ‘grow In time’.


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